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Simple clothing for complicated times.

A few great pieces provide versatility in a modern wardrobe. As we move toward simplifying our lives, a core, capsule collection can give back what we seek. Time, Value and Simple Elegance for every day over a lifetime. Natural fibers provide comfort and integrity you can count on. They travel well, have longevity and look good in casual and more formal situations. They easily mix and match. Fabrics that feel right, cool linen and organic cottons for spring & summer, soft merinos, cashmere and globally sourced knits for autumn & winter. Flowing together season to season, year after year. Our fabrics are mostly grown and nurtured in nature, plants and animals, versus factory born petroleum based alternatives. Our shell buttons hold the essence of rivers and seas, and earthy horn and tagua nut buttons provide sustainable income for remote communities. 

We individually hand make our clothing, locally and thoughtfully with fine craftsmanship in small runs to last for decades. Cold water washing, and air or a cool dryer, can extend the life of each garment indefinitely. Designed with  functional style with simple lines, based on what endures, pre-washed Robin Lane Clothing is environmentally kind.  We hope you enjoy hundreds of wears per garment often in a single year!

What we wear on the outside expresses what lies within us, what brings us comfort and joy. Expressing our style while giving us back the ease we deserve.

We practice zero waste production and use minimal, eco packaging in deliveries. Treading lightly, with long running style is a good look. Long may you run.

With love,